From office to remote: making the transition

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Embracing change has always been a core part of our ethos here at Epic Sharing.

For over seven years, we’ve championed remote working, fine-tuning our processes and building a culture that thrives outside the confines of a traditional office environment. Our seasoned remote team has not only mastered the art of online collaboration but has also harnessed the unique benefits that come with it – long before the global shift to remote work necessitated by recent events.

Remote working is something that seems to have happened and become normalised in the blink of an eye - or the spread of a virus. You may have discovered, like many of us, that it can be a bit of a shock to the system! But don't worry, we've got you covered with some remote working tips.

Establish a routine

Just because you’re working from home now doesn’t mean you should be in your pyjamas all day (although, let’s be real, it’s tempting). Set yourself a schedule, just like you would if you were going to an actual workplace. Wake up at the same time, take breaks at the same time, and finish your day at the same time. Trust me, this will make a huge difference in how productive you are.

Create a dedicated workspace

Select each button below to see the types of things that can go wrong when you don’t have your own dedicated workspace.

Were any of those familiar? Whether it’s a spare room or just a corner of your apartment, make sure you have a designated area where you can work without distractions. And speaking of distractions, it’s important to set boundaries with your family or housemates. Let them know when you’re working and when you’re free to chat.

Communication is key

Communication is key when working remotely, especially if you’re part of a team. Make sure you’re regularly checking in with your colleagues and that you have a clear understanding of everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Tools such as Slack, Nifty or Zoom can be a huge help in staying connected and communicating effectively.

Let’s talk about self-care

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re working from home, but it’s important to take breaks and stay active. Take a walk around the block during lunch, do some stretching, or just step away from the computer for a few minutes. Your brain – and your body – will thank you.

Work-life balance

And last but not least, create a balance between work and life. It can be hard to switch off when your office is in your home, but it’s important to set boundaries and make time for yourself and your loved ones.

So there you have it - a few tips to help you make the transition from office to remote working.

If you want to take your remote working game to the next level, I highly recommend checking out our Create a healthy remote workspace course. It’s packed with tips and tricks to help you stay productive and healthy while working from home.

Enrol now and let’s get you on your way to a successful remote working experience!

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