Embracing technology: how online learning transformed my role as a Diversional Therapist

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Limited educational opportunities

One of the challenges I have had as a Diversional Therapist has been keeping up with technology. I have always striven to keep on top by signing up for numerous education sessions. Night classes were always my go-to when I wanted to learn a new programme or skill.

However, moving to a small country town, I found nothing on offer besides an introductory course run at the library.

I soon found that online learning platforms offer many valuable courses covering every imaginable topic, so that’s my go-to now.

The importance of online education during the Covid lockdowns

During the Covid lockdowns, the need for online education became even more important, especially in my workplace.

Having long-term patients whose only contact with the outside world was a phone call or a video chat meant I had to be available to set up and run regular video chat sessions for them. Family members would drop off cell phones at our front door for patients who didn’t have a device or any clue as to how to use them. Many staff members struggled to understand the different smartphone apps and settings and would pass the job on to me.

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Creating an online smartphone course for beginners

After seeing the need, I gathered the information to create an online smartphone course for beginners. The rest of the Epic team put it all together. These self-paced online courses are especially valuable when you have limited time during the day to attend traditional sessions. You can learn at your own speed and fit your education around your work schedule.

The future of online learning for Diversional Therapists

With the increasing use of telehealth and other digital health technologies, online learning will likely continue to be a valuable tool for Diversional Therapists and health professionals in the years to come.

So use online learning to enhance your skills, stay current and provide better patient care.

Are you ready to empower yourself and your patients? Let’s take the leap together into a future where technology in healthcare is not just an option but a standard. Be the bridge that connects, the healer that empowers.

Join us now at Epic Sharing’s Teach others to use a smartphone course and embark on your journey to becoming a tech-savvy healthcare hero. Your patients, your team, and your career will thank you for it.

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