Miss that morning tea chat now that work has moved online?

Connecting with others is good for our mental and physical health. But in the age of remote working and zoom meetings instead of one-one contact how do we make those connections?

The chats around the staff room table, the game of cards at lunch time, the morning tea shouts – these are all ways we can connect in a physical office space. Getting to know your teammates in a relaxed informal way means that you’re more likely to connect effectively in a work context. 

These downloadable ice breakers are a fun and engaging way to get to know everyone in the same informal way you would have done in the staff room. Break down the barriers, enjoy a good laugh and learn more about your teammates, and possibly yourself.

Downloadable and easy to play, all you have to do is choose your favourite and give it a go. Why not play it before your next training session? It’s a great way to get everyone engaged or liven up your next zoom meeting.  You could even challenge a work mate. 


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